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Havertown is a suburban town that is part of Haverford Township in Delaware County, Philadelphia. The town is held in high regard as a town with great historical significance, showcased through a large number of roads, bridges, and houses in the region. In fact, it used to be a hub for manufacturing textiles during the height of the Civil War. Places of interest in Havertown include the Garage Estate, Nitre Hall, and Haverford’s Shopping District.

If you’re a resident of Havertown who is in urgent need of licensed electrical contractors to attend to your electrical needs, then you will be pleased to know that our local D&D Electric Enterprises is a stone’s throw away from the town. Our services include Electrical installations and repairs for both commercial and residential requirements. Give us a dial today to get a free quote.

Top Electrical Service Near You by D&D Electric Enterprises, Inc.

Customers from Havertown, PA don’t need to look too far for a reliable company for their electrical emergencies. Here are a few reasons why we’re one of the best electrical service providers in the surrounding area:

  • Professional and Highly-Trained Electricians. Our polite technicians always work on each electrical problem as if they’re fixing it for their own home. We offer scheduled appointments and superior customer service for all of our customers.
  • Reliable Emergency Services. Our electricians went through in-depth training to ensure that we fix your electrical problems right the first time. We understand how electrical emergencies can be dangerous, so we make sure we’re ready to respond to your calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Wide Range of Service Areas. We want more customers to experience excellent services for all their electrical needs, so we respond to different emergency calls from various neighborhoods in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties.
  • Safety First for Your Family. Aside from doing a great job for all our clients, we also ensure their safety at all times. Our technicians are fully trained and background checked, so you can trust us to treat your home with the utmost care even from the start.

Update Your Electrical System at Home

Old houses have a certain charm that new and modern homes can’t easily imitate. But most of the time, these homes still have the old plumbing and electrical wiring systems they had during construction. This makes it difficult for homeowners to install theater systems, home networks, and other appliances that require an updated wiring system.

Updating electrical systems in old homes is one of the common electrical problems we help our clients with at D&D Electric Enterprises, Inc. We take pride in providing the best solution for your outdated wiring system, allowing you to enjoy and use modern appliances without sacrificing the beauty and integrity of your ancestral house.

We also offer installation and repair services for all your electrical needs at home.

Have Your Electrical Utilities Handled By Experts

Our team at D&D Electric is composed of qualified and licensed electrical contractors seasoned with experience. Trust only the best electrical services by contacting us today.

Upgrade Your Business’ Electrical Needs

Running a business itself is already a tedious task, so it’s not surprising for many business owners to be slightly clueless when it comes to handling various electrical needs. The good news is that you won’t need to take time off your busy schedule to take care of the enhanced functionality and innovation in your business. All you need is to do is call a reliable team of electricians like D&D Electric Enterprises, Inc. to get the job done.

D&D Electric Enterprises, Inc. is an industry leader when it comes to providing excellent electrical services for commercial properties around Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery Counties. We have fully-equipped facilities and highly-trained electricians to help you with lighting upgrades, generator installation, and more.

Our Common Services

  • Electrical Car (EV) Outlet Installation
  • Indoor and Outdoor Lighting
  • Services Issues (Lights Out, Flickering, and More)
  • Surge Protection (Residential and Commercial)
  • Fans (Attic, Bathroom, Whole House, Bedroom Ceiling Fan, and More)
  • LED Lighting
  • Breaker Panel Installations
  • Emergency Generator Installation
  • Smoke Detectors (FIREX-Certified)
  • Storm Damage Emergency
  • Home Networking and Set-Up
  • Residential Rewiring (Old Houses, Apartment Buildings, Duplexes)
  • Recessed Lights (All Sizes)
  • Home Theater Designs and Installations
  • Flatscreen TV Installation
  • High Reach Lighting
  • Dimming Lights Repair
  • Settlement Electrical Inspection and Repair
  • Electrical Consulting
  • Appliance Wiring
  • Code Violation Corrections Based on Different Standards in the United States
  • High Reach Lighting
  • Doorbell and Intercom System Installation
  • Air Conditioning Lines
  • Addition of Outlets and Lights
  • Under Cabinet Lighting Installation
  • Hand Dryer Services
  • Insurance Claims and Resolutions
Electric Contractor Near Havertown, PA

FAQs About Our Electrical Work

Q: When should I call an electrician for flickering lights at home?

A: A single flickering light at home can be a nuisance, but it’s not always a sign of a huge electrical issue at home. But when multiple lights start flickering or when they blink as you plug large appliances, then there might be a problem with your home’s wiring system. In this case, call an electrician immediately.

Q: Can’t I just fix the electrical emergency by myself?

A: No, because most electrical emergencies can be extremely dangerous for people without prior training and experience in handling them. You should call a professional for these emergencies because they’re equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and protective gear to get the job done safely and efficiently.

Q: What can I do to prevent electrical emergencies?

A: Electrical emergencies can happen to anyone, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of them occurring. One of the best ways is to schedule regular maintenance at your home so the electricians can spot the problems right away and do the needed repairs.

World-Class and Comprehensive Electrical Services in Pennsylvania

Make the Right Switch With D&D Electric Enterprises, Inc.

When you need an electrical contractor for your electrical problems at home or business, D&D Electric Enterprises, Inc. is the best company to call. Our technicians always make sure to get to your property quickly with all the equipment needed for the repairs or installations.

Call us today to learn more about our services or request a free quote.

We offer the following services near Havertown, PA

D&D Electric has extensive experience in several areas of electrical work, including but not limited to:

Circuit Breaker Installations and Repairs

All electrical panel installations and repairs, including those requiring circuit breakers, should be carried out by a qualified expert. D&D Electrical Contractors may be the best choice for the task if you need to repair an existing circuit breaker or wish to install a new dedicated circuit breaker to balance the load.

    Circuit Breaker Installations and Repairs near Havertown, PA

    Commercial Electrician Services

    In order for you to decide on your business demands wisely, BPM Electric will give you the knowledge and tools you need. D&D Electrical Contractors has the solutions to increase the commercial building's safety and effectiveness. Feel free to contact us today to get the best electrical service the market has to offer.

      Commercial Electrician Services near Havertown, PA

      Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

      Most of the power that you use to operate your equipment comes from the central electrical service panel. It’s usually a box containing different circuit breakers that control the distribution of electric current and prevent any dangerous overload, melting, or electrical fire.

        Electrical Service Panel Upgrades near Havertown, PA

        Exhaust Fan Installation

        Your bathroom accumulates so much excess moisture that it’s easy for mold and mildew to grow in its corners, along with the appearance of rotting wood and peeling paint. These damages can cause serious harm and damage to your family and the house’s structural integrity so it’s crucial to have proper ventilation in the room.

          Exhaust Fan Installation near Havertown, PA

          Lighting Installation

          The electricians at D&D Electrical Contractors are experts at installing indoor lighting so you may create the style you want in your house. Although indoor lighting is a crucial component of interior design, it can also be a significant energy consumer.

            Lighting Installation near Havertown, PA

            Outlet and Switch Installations

            Switches and outlets are easy to overlook during a home building or remodeling project, but having a quality electrical outlet and light switch at home is a huge part of its overall functionality. Your outlets are important for powering all your appliances and gadgets while light switches are needed for turning on all the needed lightning inside and outside the house.

              Outlet and Switch Installations near Havertown, PA

              Smoke Detector Services

              To protect your home and family from fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning, make sure that your home undergoes regular electrical safety inspection and smoke alarm testing. If there are problems with your smoke detector system, contact us at D&D Electric for quality smoke detector repair and installation services.

                Smoke Detector Services near Havertown, PA