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We provide trusted electrical solutions to Chester and Delaware Counties. As the area's most experienced contractor for over 30 years, we guarantee the highest quality work through total transparency and unbeatable response times.

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Electrical wiring requires finesse and expertise in equal measure: qualities that you can't find in just any electrical contractor these days. An electrical service needs to meet your needs and go above them: whether it's to repair your air conditioning, installation of new circuit breakers.

That's where we come in. D&D Electric specializes in quality repair, installation, and electrical work for Glen Mills and the surrounding areas, ensuring that everyone's electrical system is up to par. Whether it's safety inspection, renovations, electrical repair, or simple installation work, our experience with all our clients can get the job done.


D&D Electric has extensive experience in several areas of electrical work, including but not limited to:

Electrical Service Panel Upgrades

Upgrades to your electrical panel are the best way to ensure that your devices and appliances can keep up with the demands of your activities - as well as keep you safe from sudden outages and breakages. While it's something that most property owners tend to forget, keeping your electrical service panel up-to-date is crucial for a well-functioning electrical system.

D&D Electric can help you find the perfect electrical panel with enough amperage for your needs, add to your breaker spaces, and conduct regular inspections on your electrical panel.


Circuit Breaker Installations and Repairs

Your breaker box is crucial for anything that needs to be plugged into your property: and while DIY fixes for circuit breaker installation exist, it's always best to have a professional do the work for you. Not only will this guarantee that you get better service, but it's a good way to avoid any potential disasters like electrocution or electrical fire.

D&D Electric can evaluate your breaker panel according to your needs, and apply the changes when necessary. This can be anything from the installation of new circuit wiring to optimizing the position of everything that needs to go into your circuit system.


Lighting Installation

A light fixture is an ever-present sight in any property - and it's also one that requires a surprising amount of work to install well. A properly installed lighting system will not only give you the lighting you need, but it can also do this consistently without breaking down or consuming excess power. To get this kind of result, hire a professional.

D&D Electric has plenty of experience in installing and upgrading lights, helping you balance the proper light levels with the capacity of your own electrical system. If your circuit breaker or electrical panel needs work, we can adjust it until it can handle the load your lights demand.


Smoke Detector Services

Smoke detectors are crucial to prevent your property from being damaged, and it's important to have them installed properly so they can be reliable without being intrusive. Having an electrician install your smoke detectors ensures that you're compliant with your building code, and with your smoke detectors working properly.

D&D Electric has technicians who can help you with every step of installing or changing out your smoke detector system, from positioning to integration with other fixtures like a sprinkler system.


Commercial Electrician Services

Commercial establishments often need more electrical work because of the nature of their property, and it's important to find electrical services that can meet that demand. Not only do they require long-term investment, but they can often have work that most residential electricians aren't trained to take on.

D&D Electric has been a long-trusted partner for many commercial properties in Glen Mills and the surrounding area, helping our clients with the upkeep of their electrical systems. From inspection to electrical repair, you can rest assured that we'll do a great job.


Why Choose Us

We aim to give you the solutions you need to electrical problems when you need them. Here's why your next electrical work should be with D&D Electrical

  • 38 Years in Business with hundreds of Positive reviews
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Discounts for Seniors & Military Personnel

Licensed Electricians:

You never have to worry about the quality of our work, since all of it is done by trained and licensed electricians with years of experience on the job.

Assorted Electrical Services:

Repair, upgrade, and install - these are just some of the many things that our staff has helped our clients with for years. Whatever the electrical work, we can help you handle it.

Accessible And Responsive:

We service Glen Mills and the surrounding areas with quick and responsive turnaround times on our work. We pride ourselves in not just getting the job done, but getting it done on time and when you need it


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FAQs About Our Electric

Will I spend a lot to hire you?

D&D Electric believes in giving our clients what they paid for - but also much more. You can rest easy that our prices are fair for the quality that you'll receive, and with the skills and equipment of the best electricians in Glen Mills to match.

What can I expect from your work?

Quality. Whether it's electrical upgrades or an installation, you can expect quality, long-lasting work for us. We believe in long-term electrical solutions that save you plenty of money in the long run, as well as keep you safe from issues like a power outage.

Is your staff insured?

All electricians at D&D are fully licensed and insured, so you can trust the quality of our work. We don't leave any job half done - we hold ourselves to a standard of quality and customer service that you can rely on. From ceiling fans to generators, you can trust the work we'll do.


Next time you need licensed electricians, call D&D Electric to take care of your electrical problem. We pride ourselves on great customer service and make sure to meet all queries within 24 hours or less.

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