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Professional and Efficient Electrical Panel Upgrades From D&D Electric  

Most of the power that you use to operate your equipment comes from the central electrical service panel. It’s usually a box containing different circuit breakers that control the distribution of electric current and prevent any dangerous overload, melting, or electrical fire. It’s important that your electric panel is regularly maintained and inspected for wear and tear or damage for your building’s overall security and protection. 

With D&D Electric, we can help check and fix your electrical system to make sure that it’s safely and efficiently delivering electricity to your switches, outlets, and appliances. Our expert contractors can repair or replace your outdated electrical panel to avoid any issues so your day-to-day business can operate smoothly. 

What Is An Electrical Panel?  

An electrical service panel essentially connects an external power line to a home or business. It serves as the main distribution point that delivers power and electricity to different circuits, outlets, and electrical appliances within a property. They’re also known as a fuse box, load center, or circuit breaker panel. 

Most breaker panels have 100, 150, or 200 service amps which is the load that flows through the electrical wiring. Most new electrical panel boxes have 200 service amps which is already enough power for large homes or small businesses and workshops. 

Essential Parts Of An Electrical Service Panel

An electric panel is usually a steel box or metal board with doors that are located in the garage, basement, or outside the property. The parts of an electric service panel can be divided into two main categories: the panel structure and electrical components. 

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Our team at D&D Electric is composed of qualified and licensed electrical contractors seasoned with experience. Trust only the best electrical services by contacting us today.

Electric Panel Structure 

The electric control box usually contains an enclosure and a back panel. The enclosure refers to the cabinet or box which covers and houses the electrical wiring, circuit breakers, and controls. They’re typically made of aluminum or stainless steel or rigid plastics. These enclosures commonly require a back panel which helps mount the electrical devices into their position.  

At D&D Electric, we make sure that all electrical enclosures and back panels are made and installed following the local regulations and guidelines in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and NEMA standards. We can also customize the size and dimensions of the enclosure that will be installed depending on its applications and your electrical system needs. 

Electrical Components 

There are different types of components that can be found within an electrical enclosure. These components have important functions that support the electric service panel. Here are the common parts inside an electric panel box: 

  • Main circuit breaker: Also known as branch circuit, they control the electric current that flows to any home or office building. If you need to do a major electrical or air conditioning repair, you’d need to shut off the power from the main circuit breaker.
  • Surge protector or arrester: This is an important device that provides power surge protection to avoid overheating and starting an electrical fire. 
  • Transformers: This component protects the fuse box and helps reduce or change incoming voltage levels.
  • Terminal blocks: Also known as terminal connectors, these components help organize and secure the electrical wirings and join the power lines in the breaker box.
  • Relays and contractors: These are on/off switches that control the power or send signals to the equipment. It’s used to control the functions and processes of the electrical service panel. 

Why It’s Important In Every Establishment

Every industrial office or commercial building should have an electrical service panel. It serves as the central source of electricity and distributes it to all circuits, outlets, lights, devices, and appliances within the establishment. Here are some of the essential functions of electric service panels: 

  • It helps meet your electrical demand by providing a strong and steady flow of power. 
  • It can help increase safety and protection against electrical hazards.
  • They’re weatherproof and secure your wirings and avoid any rust or water damage. 
  • It helps simplify processes and electrical controls of various machinery and equipment. 
  • It helps distribute power more efficiently and effectively throughout the building. 
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Signs That You Should Get An Electrical Panel Replacement or Upgrade 

Although most electrical service panels can last for years, they’re still prone to natural wear-and-tear and external damage. Some problems may be visible immediately, while other issues may require the help of a licensed electrician to be detected. Here’s how you’ll know that you need an electrical panel upgrade: 

  • Your circuit breakers are frequently tripping or shutting off: When a circuit breaker trips, it means that you have a faulty or overloaded circuit which leads to an automatic shut-off to protect the wirings from overheating. 
  • You notice a burning smell: A wiring or overloaded circuit may also cause a burning odor to come out from your outlets or switches. If you catch a burning smell or even notice electrical cords and outlets that are warm to touch, you should immediately contact an electrician for repairs or upgrades to avoid starting fires.
  • Flickering or dimming lights: If replacing your bulbs doesn’t solve your light issues, it could mean that your lighting problem lies in the connections or wirings in the electrical system in the circuit breaker. It could also be a sign of malfunctioning switches or outlets.
  • There are sparks when plugging a device or appliance: When you plug in your appliance, it’s normal to have some occasional sparks but when it frequently occurs and is usually accompanied by a burning smell, loud sound, or yellow appearance, it may already be dangerous.  
  • You hear sizzling or crackling sounds from the electric panel: Popping or humming sounds from the electric panel may be a sign of damaged or loose wires inside the circuit breaker.
  • There is visible corrosion or rust on the doors, wires, and cables: The most common sign that you need to upgrade your electric service panel is the appearance of rust, corrosion, or mold around the unit and its wires, switches, and cables. 

Benefits Of Getting An Electrical Panel Upgrade 

There are many advantages to getting in touch with an electrician and scheduling an electrical service panel replacement or upgrade. Some of the reasons why you should consider getting a new electrical service panel: 

  • It improves the safety and protection of your establishment and personnel 
  • You can add more circuits to meet your high electrical demands for use of equipment and appliances 
  • It reduces the risk of circuit breaker overload or tripping and other electrical hazards 
  • It helps lower your electric cost and annual bills
  • It increases your circuit breaker capacity to provide more consistent power for day-to-day operations
  • It increases the overall value of your establishment 

Maintaining and Inspecting Your Electrical Service Panel 

Electric service panels typically don’t require much attention but they still need to be inspected every once in a while. It’s recommended to schedule periodic electrical maintenance every 3 to 5 years. Preventive maintenance is important to help ensure the safety and optimal function of your electrical panel and system. 

You can also visually inspect the electric panel box and look for the presence of corrosion, rust, water damage, and fire. Always make sure that the cover or door of the enclosure is kept closed to avoid dust or any damage from weather changes. 

If your electric panel has been there for years, it’s important to call a licensed electrician to assess the age and function of the panel. They can perform an electrical safety inspection and recommend when an upgrade is already necessary to meet the changes in your electrical demands. 

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Our team at D&D Electric is composed of qualified and licensed electrical contractors seasoned with experience. Trust only the best electrical services by contacting us today.

D&D Electric: Your Reliable Contractors For All Industrial and Commercial Electrical Needs 

D&D Electric is a trusted company that provides highly efficient electrical work to various industrial sectors and commercial properties. Since 1987, we’ve been helping clients in Pennsylvania with their residential and commercial electrical needs. 

We pride ourselves on putting safety as our top priority in every electrical project. We make sure to provide all our electrical contractors with the best tools, skills, and appropriate equipment so they will remain safe on-site and reduce the incidence of workplace accidents. 

We’ve worked in different sectors of the electrical industry and have provided excellent electric projects in markets such as: 

  • Manufacturing facilities 
  • Food processing plants 
  • Assembly plants
  • Ship yards
  • Agricultural yards
  • Shopping centers and retail grocery stores
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Educational facilities 
  • Fresh water and wastewater facilities 

Comprehensive and Quality Electrical Services, Management, and Maintenance  

At D&D Electric, we can handle all types of electrical work from the design phase, execution, management, and preventive maintenance. In addition to electrical panel upgrades, some of the services that we can provide are: 

  • Design and Spec Build
  • Backup Power Installation
  • Grounding Grids
  • Site Lighting
  • Primary Power 
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting Maintenance 
  • Utility Distribution 
  • Green Energy Savings Installation 
  • Light Utility Distribution Systems 

FAQs About Electrical Service Panel Upgrades 

Q: When is the right time to have an electrical service panel upgrade? 

A: An electric panel replacement or upgrade is recommended if your current panel is damaged or if it’s already more than 5 to 10 years old. If you notice other unusual signs such as frequent tripping, power outages, or burning odor, you should already contact our electrician. 

Q: Can you upgrade or repair your electric panel on your own? 

A: While it’s tempting to buy your own parts and take care of your own panel upgrade, it’s not recommended to attempt any electrical repair or replacement on your own. It’s highly dangerous and may put you at risk for electrical fires or shocks. It’s best to trust a professional technician who can ensure that your electrical system still follows the required regulations and codes. 

Q: Why are electric service panel upgrades expensive? 

A: There are several factors that determine the total cost of an electrical service panel upgrade. Some of these factors are the manual labor, materials and wirings needed, the size of the box, and the type of electrical panel that will be installed. It also depends on how many amps your establishment needs.

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For Your Business’s Safety and Operations, Upgrade Your Electrical Panel With D&D Electric  

Whether you want to inspect your electric panel or upgrade to a new one, you can trust our reliable contractors at D&D Electric to provide excellent and efficient electrical work. We have extensive experience in different types of electric projects from power distribution, lighting, panel replacement, and industrial controls. Contact us now to learn more about our services and get an estimate for your electrical needs.