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Smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are some of the best life-saving investments for your home and family. Millions of house fires are recorded every year, but having a working smoke alarm or carbon monoxide detector can alert you of potential fires before they grow and engulf your home.

To protect your home and family from fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning, make sure that your home undergoes regular electrical safety inspection and smoke alarm testing. If there are problems with your smoke detector system, contact us at D&D Electric for quality smoke detector repair and installation services. 

Why Choose D&D Electric for Installations and Repair

Although fire alarm or carbon monoxide detector installation might seem like a simple task to accomplish, it’s still better to rely on a trusted expert like D&D Electric to get the job done safely and quickly. Here are a few reasons why we’re considered one of the best electrical service companies in the area:

  • We’re a Team of Highly-Trained Electricians. Our electricians went through years of education and training to obtain their licenses. We also have decades of experience in the industry, so you can trust us to perform installations, repairs, and other electrical services in your home safely and efficiently.
  • We Respond Quickly to Electrical Emergencies. We understand how simple household electrical system issues like a faulty outlet or smoke alarm system can lead to a bigger disaster over time, so we do our best to respond to emergencies and perform repairs quickly.
  • We Provide Services to Residential and Commercial Properties. At D&D Electric, our electricians are trained to handle electrical repair and installation needs for both residential and commercial properties. We always keep up with the latest building codes and guidelines, so we can ensure a safe and effective electrical service for you.
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Our team at D&D Electric is composed of qualified and licensed electrical contractors seasoned with experience. Trust only the best electrical services by contacting us today.

Do You Need a New Smoke Alarm at Home?

Hardwired smoke detectors are an important part of a home because they’re the first warning sign of a serious threat to you and your home. Whether you need to replace old hardwired detectors to install smoke alarms in your new home, make sure to call a team like D&D Electric for professional smoke detector installation. 

Watch out for these signs to see if your home needs a fire alarm or smoke detector replacement:

  • The smoke alarm turns yellow because of the bromine in the material. This compound is flame retardant so that your smoke alarm still does its job to alert you in case of fire or smoke.
  • It produces chirps and sounds over and over again even if there isn’t fire or smoke around.
  • The alarm doesn’t respond well whenever you perform testing every month, as per the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association.
  • It goes off even if dust particles blow by it. A false alarm now and then can be extremely annoying, but it’s a sign that your smoke detector isn’t working properly.
  • It’s been 10 years since the smoke detectors have been installed in your home. 
  • You want to replace your standard smoke alarms with hardwired detectors that are directly connected to the house’s electrical wiring system.

Smoke Detector Service: Our Process

  • Step 1: We visit the client’s home and examine the existing smoke detectors in the building. We diagnose the problem to see if a repair or replacement is needed. If they want new smoke detectors to be connected to their electrical system, we perform an electrical inspection to find out if their home is qualified for hardwired smoke detectors.
  • Step 2: After electrical troubleshooting for their home, we replace or install the new smoke detector system. We always make sure to choose the optimal spot that will give them the best use of the smoke detectors without accidentally triggering a false alarm.
  • Step 3: Our team checks if the new smoke detectors work. During the electrical installation of hardwired detectors, we always follow building codes and guidelines, as well as manufacturer instructions, to ensure our client’s safety.
  • Step 4: Once the smoke detector repair and installation are done, we also offer tips to our clients about proper smoke detector and fire alarm maintenance – how to keep them working well for longer and what signs to look out for in case they need immediate repair or replacement.

FAQs About Smoke Detector Repair and Installation

Q: Can smoke detectors detect gas leaks?

A: Standard smoke detectors can’t detect gas leaks, so you need to install a combined smoke and CO detector in your home. This type of combined detector ensures that the carbon monoxide levels in the air don’t reach a harmful level. 

Q: How many smoke detectors should I have at home?

A: This varies per client, depending on the building and fire codes in their service area. It’s crucial to pay extra attention to the details of building codes because they’re uniquely specific. Some homeowners might even require additional smoke detectors in their homes to meet the safety standards.

Q: How long does a smoke detector installation service take?

A: This also varies per client, but the average smoke detector installation takes about 1-2 hours. Some houses have complicated electrical wiring systems, which makes the installation longer than usual.

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At D&D Electric, our team of electricians is trained to perform each maintenance, repair, and installation service according to electrical codes and regulations in the area. This allows us to keep our customers safe from different electrical emergencies and hazards in their homes.

Aside from smoke detector installation services, we also offer a wide range of electrical works including generator service, air conditioning and heating service, lighting installation service, and more. Call us today to book an appointment with our team.